Ozen Sushi Asian Fusion (Formerly LA New Ozen Asian)

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Ozen Sushi Asian Fusion (Formerly LA New Ozen Asian) Reviews on Grubhub


Top Reviewer
This is BY FAR the best Chinese food Ive gotten for delivery in Harlem over the past 3 years. I cant believe I havent tried this place sooner! I ordered General Tsos and the chicken was actually meaty and juicy. The outside breading was crispy and the sauce was well balanced. It wasnt soggy, overly sweet, or gelatinous like a lot of the other places. The egg roll filling was just ok, but the outside was nice and crispy. I HIGHLY recommend this place! The white rice was even cooked nicely.


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Ive been a customer for more than 15 years. This restaurant hits a lot of bests for me - fried rice, honey ribs, papaya salad, scallion pancakes, steak, sushi rolls, and a few more dishes. Their quality has never changed and their delivery service is FAST. I hope they stay in business for many more years to come!


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This is me "go to" for Asian cuisine. I've tried many restaurants around the area and this one is the best. Nikko is a runner up. They are more expensive but in this case, you get what you pay for. If you want fresh, tasty and speedy delivery try these guys. The others will deliver fast but it won't taste great.


Top Reviewer
Always amazing food! Their chicken pad Thai is my go to meal and it is always perfect. Also their delivery guys are always pleasant and nice!!


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Amazing food! It was fresh, delicious and they sent much more than I expected. Also, they have some of the best Thai Iced tea ever.

Reviews from Seamless.com

Ozen Sushi Asian Fusion (Formerly LA New Ozen Asian) Reviews on Seamless


Top Reviewer
First time ordering seamless, accidentally bought 20 dollars of food without using the discount coupon. This restaurant was surprisingly worth it though. Got the Pork Katsu set, an egg roll, and the fried banana dessert. The katsu is enormous - two giant sliced up cutlets served over an unexpected bed of puff fried noodles (don't know what they're called in English, but they have the same texture as asian prawn chips). Note that those little noodles are just complementary texture/fun to eat. The meal set comes with white rice, the real staple of the meal, a small miso soup, and a generic salad. This alone could feed two people easily. The egg roll was pretty good (and they also threw in a ton of duck sauce packets to go with it). The fried banana is delicious! It's actually a set of four crepe-like rolls with banana inside and raspberry sauce outside. They look like spring rolls.

Overall, this was surprisingly great food. Fast service, tasty, well-presented and securely packaged, smells delicious, and the size of the portions justifies the higher price. Will definitely order from here again.


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This is my first time to rate ANYTHING. Period.

I just moved to the UWS from Murray Hill and have been on an endless search for some dank Chinese food. I must have tried 6 or 7 places before here and I swear some of them served dog. So I decided LA would be my last attempt on one very hungover Sunday. Boy was I surprised! Service was wonderful and the food was actually some of the best I have had in Manhattan! I got the wonton soup which was an incredible blessing sent down from the gods. Cured my hangover (which was at like an 8) in like 30 minutes. Also got the general tso's which was equally as good. I had left overs for lunch and dinner today - pretty decent portions!

If you are struggling on the UWS to find Chinese food, do yourself a favor and order from here. You won't regret it.


Top Reviewer
I think their delivery zone might be a little too big. I live in East Harlem and they are over near 96th and Amsterdam! Therefor the delivery takes a very long time (I ordered around 7:30 pm and the food arrived after 9 pm. The wait was worth it though - the food is great - and if you live near them I would highly recommend trying them out. They have fried ice cream (I like that a lot!). A word of warning though -- The Red Curry was EXTREMELY hot (as in spicy). I usually like spicy foods but to be honest this was too much. There's spicy and there's holy $#%* what did I put in my mouth. You know what I mean? Some people really love that though so I'm giving them 5 stars because the flavors were great and and the menu is diverse.


Top Reviewer
The food was hot, absolutely delicious, and arrived very early; I would definitely order from here again. One comment: I noticed a lot of people complained about the delivery person being rude. I suspect most people give no tip, or a pathetic tip like 1 dollar. Considering delivery people live on tips, it is understandable if they are upset by insulting tips. My order was $40 so I gave my standard 25% delivery tip of 10 dollars. The delivery man was sweet as pie, and extremely friendly and gracious. If you are too cheap to tip well, then don't go to restaurants and don't order food to be delivered.


Top Reviewer
I hope Ozen never closes! It's been my go to forever! I ordered from them when I lived on the upper west side and I was so thrilled that they deliver to me now in Hamilton heights. Their food is consistent.y delicious, delivery is always on time and I love their delivery guys - nicest people ever. I've reviewed them before but they deserve another rave review to remind everyone how lucky we are that they deliver to us. Love them!

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Located at 76 Amsterdam Ave New York, NY 125. Our restaurant offers a wide array of fine Asian dishes, ranging from Age Dashi Tofu, Spicy Tartar, Angel Prawns, Eggplant with Garlic Sauce to Sweet and Sour, Sesame Chicken, Pad Thai, Thai Jungle Curry and teriyaki. Try our food and service today.come in for a Lunch Special or during evenings for a delicious dinner. You can also enjoy your favorite food for take out or delivery. Our goal at Ozen Asian Fusion Cuisine Restaurant is to provide an unforgettable dining experience for all our patrons.